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Dyson Supersonic Professional Dryer: What Makes the Difference

From its incredible quietness to its balanced lightness in the hand, and of course, its speed and power.. Dyson invested £50 million developing a dryer that offers unsurpassed performance and feel. Engineers studied hair from root to tip, learning everything they could how it reacts to stresses, what keeps it healthy, and what’s needed to style it optimally.

Here’s more info on the Dyson Supersonic Professional’s technology.

Intelligent Heat Control

A micro-processor in the dryer measures the heat up to 20 times per second to keep it consistent. This means no danger of overheating even when the dryer is close to the head. With no risk of heat damage, hair is smooth, sleek and protected – healthier hair and happier clients!

Small Powerful V9 Motor

It’s Dyson’s smallest, lightest motor ever, and it speeds up drying by up to half the time of a conventional dryer. What a time saver! Great results, faster.

Air Multiply Technology – air sucked into the dryer is amplified by 3 times. The result: More focused power, and more ability to achieve the perfect style easily.

Lightweight, balanced feel

With the engine in the handle, the Dyson is far less stressful to use, and you’ll really feel the difference at the end of a working day.

Professional attachments snap on and off

It’s all done with magnets, quick and easy – choose, snap and use.

Acoustically tuned motor

It’s so quiet that you can have actual conversations while blow drying! No more nodding and pretending you heard your client.

Sleek, next-level design

Its space-age appearance will make it and you the talking point of the salon.


There’s a two year warranty on parts and labour, and Dyson offers free delivery on all purchases.

Want to experience the Dyson Supersonic Professional for yourself? We have a stand at Intercoiffure Congress Education Day on 7th October at Birchwood Hotel, and look forward to meeting you there!

Please contact us to qualify for an exclusive stylist price.

Available to professional stylists or salon owners only.

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