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Men’s Trends for Autumn-Winter

Leanne Brown, education director and art team member of Westrow, UK, predicts three key trends for the season ahead.


Bangs are becoming increasingly popular with men, thanks in part to their dominance on the catwalk at Men’s Fashion Week. Fashion has experimented with blunt textured fringes but I predict we will also see a demand for longer, sleeker, eyebrow-skimming bangs. If your clients have got fine poker-straight hair, fringes are a great way to add some shape and definition and bring limp locks to life, and a fringe is a great way to add interest and edge to a style.


At Westrow, we are seeing a huge increase in requests for the taper fade, a style sported by quite a few of the England football squad. This cut fades very gradually, around the ears and temples, and it’s a look that is wearable, clean-looking and sharp, yet casual. The length on top can be left quite long, so this is a great cut for men with an abundance of natural texture, and a natural amount of wave or curl, looking to sharpen up their style and add a little detail.


I expect this to be a popular look – deep side-partings that run from the temples can add angular definition to the face, making rounder and oval faces look more chiselled and cheekbones more pronounced – and a side-parting can really smarten up a cut. In recent months we’ve had an increasing amount of requests at Westrow for a ‘hard parting’ when a line is shaved to emphasise the side-parting and sharpen the distinction between sides further.

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