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Theresa Advises On The Presence of Ammonia in Permanent Colour

The famed enemy ammonia: is it as bad as people say?

At Wella we notice and hear more and more that “ammonia-free is “damage-free”

The truth is that ammonia free is not the same as damage free: all permanent hair colours require an alkaliser to open the cuticles so oxidative colourants can enter the hair shaft to eventually form pigments.

Ammonia is a small gas molecule that after doing its work in the hair shaft easily evaporates and that’s what gives it the characteristic smell. The smell is in fact proof that the chemical has left the hair.

The alternative alkaliser to ammonia is MEA (monoethanolamide). The benefit of MEA is the fact that it has a hugely reduced odour. MEA is a larger liquid molecule that does not evaporate like ammonia. The tendency to linger in the hair can cause long term damage especially when used with high volumes of peroxide and in high concentrations required for a permanent colour.

It is also highly unlikely to have allergic reactions to ammonia and it is a known fact that most colour allergies are induced by the colour pigments themselves and NOT the alkalisers.

Ammonia has been used safely in Wella colour for over 50 years and our scientific studies show that ammonia protects the hair structure better than MEA and delivers the very best colour results time and time again

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