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Redken Own-It Awards: Meet the Finalists!

Eight South African stars will be sharing the stage with international Redken icons at the Own-It Awards Finals!

Who are the finalists – what was their inspiration – what has their career journey been so far, and how do they feel about the upcoming event?

Here’s your chance to Meet the Finalists in the Redken Own-It Awards 2018, as well as see a sneak preview from Sam Villa explaining why he is so excited about coming to South Africa!

The Redken Own-It Awards take place on Saturday 8 September. Book Now!

The Finalists

Élia Luísa Da Silva – Style Café Hair Design

I am a hairstylist and make up artist with my passion being in session styling, stills and film. While I thrive on set life, I love to interact with my salon clients and make the magic of a bride’s special day come to life.

I entered the Redken Own-It Awards because I enjoy the challenge and the learning that comes with the creative process. For my look, Autumn was the inspiration for the colour, and for the styling, I aimed to add a softness and elegance to the edginess of the Redken look. I am super-excited about being in the finals, and looking forward to a fun evening with likeminded people.


Lauren Van Der Spuy – Franco International Eastgate

I am a manager at Franco International Eastgate with 18 years’ experience in the industry. I am passionate about education, both sharing my knowledge and learning myself, and believe in empowering yourself as a master of your craft.

I entered the Redken Own-It Awards because I love being creative and inspiring creativity. Redken always provides us with new options to explore. I was inspired by the “pixelated” education we received this year, and the new colour recipes with the huge colour palette Redken offers. I am excited and passionate about being in the finals... I am blessed with a stunning canvas and my support is huge, and with that, I feel the world is my oyster.


Kayleigh Faye- Innovation Hair Co

As a second year student I am very proud of myself to have reached this stage of the competition. I am spontaneous, creative, observant, and very willing to learn. My mind runs a mile before I give you something you weren’t expecting!

I grabbed the opportunity to take part in the Redken Own-It Awards with both hands, and knew I was going to create something funky inspired by retro punk rock, with a hint of old school classics. My vision came to life with help from my lecturer Jennisha (aka Jenny) Bechoo. I was completely blown away when I heard I was a finalist. I am surprised, excited, and slightly nervous. I know how much talent will be out there and will use it to my advantage to steal as many tips and techniques as possible. I am so privileged to be a part of it, and it has given me such confidence.


Alet Swart – Maison Costa Preller Square

I have been with Maison Costa for 24 years. I love my work and am always up for a challenge.

I decided to enter the Redken Own-It Awards this year because the colours are so inspirational, exciting, and very nice to work with. My inspiration for my look came from strong lines and playing with colour to enhance the lines, and bring out a strong look in my model. I am so excited to be in the finals and to have the opportunity to work with the other stylists.


Elani Fox – Franco International Sandton

I am a business owner and master stylist at Franco International Sandton City. I have been doing hair for 18 years and in this time, Franco International has been my platform and inspiration.

I won the “Johannesburg Section” of the Redken Own-It Awards in 2016 and decided to give it a go again as I’m always up for a challenge and this is amazing motivation for myself and my team. Working with Redken inspires me every day. The inspiration for my look came from working with the Citybeats reds and coppers and the Chromatics violets to create warm and flashy, yet elegant tones. I also used the Pixel colouring technique on the sides to give the final look some edge. I am super-excited to be working with Sam and Adam and I know I will learn so much from them, and will be able to take all the info back to my team to educate them on the latest trends and fashions.


Ella Benn – Excentric

I am a colourful and bubbly junior hairstylist, and am very passionate about making my clients look and feel good while I get to learn something new in the art of hair each day.

I was introduced to the Redken Own-It Awards during 2017, and was a semi-finalist but missed the opportunity of going to the finals in Jhb. This year I decided to re-enter and to approach it in a more planned way. Taking part in competitions is something I love, as it keeps your career life exciting. I see myself as a very creative person and after waking up one morning to a beautiful sky, I saw how the sun created all the shades of blue, purple and pink going into coral orange, and used this in my look. I chose a bob cut as it is popular yet classic and complemented the colour. I feel that being a semi-finalist is already victory. What I am looking forward to the most is seeing the other competitors work in person, and getting to work with Sam Villa!


Rosaline McIvor – Roz Hair Studio Intercoiffure

As the owner of Roz Hair Studio, my values run though the salon’s brand extensively and these include staying humble, listening properly to every client, and ensuring each hair choice reflects their unique style and personality, while maintaining the health of their hair. With over 13 years’ hairdressing experience and being a Redken Colour Specialist I love transforming my clients’ hair and am always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas. Being a member of Intercoiffure helps me keep up to date with the latest hair trends. I decided to enter the Own-It Awards because I hadn’t done a competition in ages. I found an incredible looking model that suited a hairstyle I had in mind, and thought... why not enter! My look was very much inspired by the 70s Boho trend with lots of curls and volume and a chic finish. The colour was inspired by the ever-changing shades of autumn leaves – lots of rich browns and rose golds. I am excited and nervous as I have never participated in something like this before, but I’m just going to have fun and enjoy this awesome learning experience. I am especially looking forward to meeting and working backstage with Sam Villa and Adam Browne.


Leticia Smith

I'm originally from Capricorn in Cape Town. I have three beautiful boys who inspire me to work hard, and I love hair to the fullest!

I decided to enter the Redken Own-It Awards because I had never entered a competition before and wanted to experience it. I was inspired by the richness of winter’s colours in the Cape – and pink and purple are my favourite colours. I am so happy to have been chosen as a finalist. I am really excited, and looking forward to this amazing experience.

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