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Keune Promises: True Salon Exclusivity and Real, Inspiring Education

Keune Promise #2

Salon Exclusive

Beautiful hair doesn’t come from a box dye. You can’t find it in supermarket aisles. Its artfully designed by hairstylists, colorists and barbers like you. That’s why Keune products are made exclusively for pros.

That way, you can offer your clients a truly exclusive experience.

Keune are moving into a more exclusive environment where you will not find their products on any mass hair product website nor will you find our exclusive products on the shelves of so called "shampoo stores".

Its unfair to expect your business to spend the investment on stocking your salon shelves and not have the product move because your clientele is able to shop on line whilst they’re in your chair for a better priced product including delivery. Even more frustrating is that they could 'buy on the fly' when they pass a “shampoo store”.

You have invested time and money getting the education so why should your business not benefit from the proceeds of that time and education?

Keune is 100% behind your success.

Keune Promise #3

Real-Life Inspiration and Education

While Highly editorial, avant-garde styles are great, it’s real-life hair that makes your salon business successful. That’s why we scour the streets for hair inspiration, bringing you the looks your clients will love.

With Keune, the education we deliver will inspire and motivate your stylists to be more creative with work they can readily up sell to their clientele. Keune offers some of the best education platforms for you and your team.

We offer in salon skills and technical training, academy based training and online training.

In salon, we work with you in a real time workshop on your clientele helping you choose products that create the best version of your guest that they can be.

In academy training, we take you out of your comfort zone and help you understand the reason why you’re doing what needs to e done for your guests. Art without understanding is a skill very few people have and can rarely be reproduced successfully. We help you create art with understanding and delivering consistent results creation after creation.

Online inspiration is available through our Keune Street Salon app available on both iOS and Android to everyone. We have the best bloggers from the top cities around the world, send their trend based pictures to our creative headquarters and we help you create similar reproductions of these looks with easy to follow tutorials with either a short video or flip through step by step. Keune Street Salon offers inspiration faster and more frequently than having to wait for an annual new collection. Whats more, you can upload your version of these looks and have them added to the site for all your peers to envy.

Be inspired, be motivated and get your excitement dialled to 10! Love your craft again.

For more info or to stock Keune’s fantastic range of colour and care products, contact All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644 or Dean on 082 787 8105 or Gavin on 082 852 4840.

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