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Upgrade to an Oway Head.Spa: Choose Your Business Model

Starting a new salon is a considerable investment. If you choose to franchise as an Oway Head.Spa, you will have the advantages of an established brand with huge appeal to clients... setting your salon apart as a luxury destination that attracts brand-loyal clients and offers you incredible support.

As a business license holder you will benefit from the strong business relationships and proven methods established by Oway SA.

A major benefit is purchasing your products at wholesale price for orders above target per month... this means up to 30% discount... a significant saving!

You will receive full training, expert advice on sales, marketing and advertising, the option of a full service interior design and in-house manufacturing service for furniture and fittings. You will benefit from a network of peers for advice and moral support.

It costs LESS to obtain an Oway Head.Spa Business Model license than to start your own business of the same type!

Choose from the following options for your business:

Oway Head.Spa Concept for Ladies

Oway Head.Spa Dry Bar Concept

Oway Head.Spa Men’s Barber Concept

Oway Unisex Head.Spa Concept

Oway Head.Spa Academy Concept

Organic, eco-friendly, planet-friendly, with no harsh chemicals, Oway offers fantastic results whether you are colouring, treating, styling or caring for hair. The products respect the scalp, skin and hair of stylists and clients.

Choose the franchise option that is right for you from the list above, and become a destination for clients looking for health, luxury and eco-friendly solutions they cannot find elsewhere.

For more info on upgrading your salon to an Oway Head.Spa contact OWAY South Africa

Mrs. Juanitte Pieterse - OWAY SA CEO & Educational Director : 071 675 8001

Mr. Jacques Lomabard - OWAY SA Marketing & Managing Director : 076 424 8042

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