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Oway – The Biggest Organic Range in SA

Upgrade your salon to an Oway Head.Spa and you will be able to offer your clients a complete range of products and services that are all:

• Water-friendly

• Environmentally friendly

• Fully biodegradable

• Appeal to health conscious clients

• Packed with essential nutrition, free from harsh chemicals.

Oway is suitable for a water-scarce country as it does not pollute and rinsing water is safe to recycle as grey water in your garden. Clients who use Oway will find they need to wash their hair less frequently as their scalp is healthier and better balanced.

It is a completely plastic-free range, all packaging is full recyclable.

The range includes everything from a full backbar solution to styling, colour, treatments, a beauty range for men and women, and a complete aftercare range.

Three colour ranges include permanent, translucent, and funky pastels. All technical products such as developers and bleach are based on essential oils and butters with biodynamic ingredients. This results in shiny, healthy hair that becomes healthier with each application and will never feel dry because the moisture and phyto-protein levels are enhanced.

You can offer your clients radiant, shiny hair with products that are healthy for their hair and skin, healthy for the stylists who work with the products, and non damaging to the environment.

Go funky, go classic, create the most stunning modern looks – all in a safe way!

For more info on upgrading your salon to an Oway Head.Spa contact OWAY South Africa

Mrs. Juanitte Pieterse - OWAY SA CEO & Educational Director : 071 675 8001

Mr. Jacques Lomabard - OWAY SA Marketing & Managing Director : 076 424 8042

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