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iHT – New Technology in Hair Replacement

Exciting news... A professional solution in hairpiece technology is available for gents who want to sport a perfect, trendy, modern head of hair. Salons are invited to apply to become iHT franchisees.​

Offering this exciting new technology in your salon will set you apart as a destination for your gent clients who need an effective, durable, great-looking solution to hair loss and pattern baldness. You will become a destination for supplying, fitting and maintaining this technology.

More Info on IHT

Intelligent Hair Technology offers custom-made, adhesive technology that is applied and maintained in hair salons. This versatile technology looks totally natural and can be used by clients who swim, gym and exercise.

Distributed through Twincare, iHT is being rolled out to a limited number of franchisee salons and you are invited to apply to become a franchisee to stock, apply and maintain this technology. To become an iHT appointed salon, you will need to sign an agreement and purchase a franchise - the purchase amount includes a salon consultation, application kit, and the attendance and passing of education.

How Does the Technology Work?

Clients will have a thorough consultation with the salon before placing their order.

The custom made technology takes 4-6 weeks to be ready, and application in the salon takes about 3 hours, including removal of the hair where the technology will be placed, disinfecting the scalp, applying the adhesive, applying the technology, and cutting and shaping the new hairstyle.

Reapplication will be done every 2 to 4 weeks.

If it is well looked after, the system can last up to one year.

How do I Apply for a Franchise?

This concept will be done on an exclusive franchise concept with limited salons to be appointed.

Please contact Kirsten on for an application.

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