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Dark & Lovely Academy: Launching Careers to Success

Where can an ambitious learner go to receive the best, top quality Afro hairdressing education at a world-class facility?

The answer: The Dark & Lovely Academy in Johannesburg. This Seta-accredited facility is dedicated to building the skills of students, so that they can reach their full potential and achieve maximum career success. As well as intensive hairdressing education, students learn how to run their businesses, handle clients professionally, and work with discipline.

The Courses

Catering for every skill level and budget, the Academy offers a variety of courses.

The 2-year Full Accreditation course is the most intensive – the gold standard of education.

The 4-month Beginners Course gives valuable theory education and a thorough understanding of the industry.

The 8-week Advanced Course is tailored towards developing skills and introducing modern hairstyles and techniques, upstyling and colouring.

The 2-week intensive Trade Test Preparation Course is for experienced hairdressers who need to brush up skills and theory before qualifying.

Staffed by dedicated instructors who are invested in the empowerment and successes of their students, the Academy is an accredited Trade Test centre, so students can do their test on site.

What’s Ahead for 2018

Monthly “pop up” events will be held until the end of 2018. These open days will showcase the Academy to prospective students, so they can be inspired to book a course and supercharge their career.

The upcoming Dark & Lovely Golden Scissors Competition will involve the Academy. One of the most talked-about events at Golden Scissors is the intensive Boot Camp education, facilitated by the Academy, which the finalists attend.

To learn more about the Dark & Lovely Academy or book a course, contact 061 698 5030 / 087 357 8686

Address: The Markade, corner President and Kruis Streets, Johannesburg.

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