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Matrix Color Festival: Be Inspired By The Trendsetting Danielle Keasling

Matrix global educator and artistic director Danielle Keasling is the guest star at the Matrix Color Festival on 12 August.

This evening will focus on the latest trends and wearable hair fashion that will delight and inspire you and your salon clients. It will include awesome giveaways, entertainment, food, drink, and the chance to party the night away!

Take your career to the next level with Danielle’s incredible trend inspiration.

Here’s a showcase of Danielle’s recent work.

When: Sunday evening 12 August

Where: Katy’s Palace Bar, Sandton

Investment: R700 per person

To Book: Contact your Matrix representative or email

With more than 17 years’ experience in the salon industry, Danielle has a passion for texture and styling, with an amazing eye for colour. Her in-depth knowledge and background allows her to create on-trend styles that are fashion-forward while being wearable for the everyday consumer. Her work has been recognised worldwide, and she is a member of the CBC Artistic Team, the Intercoiffure Artistic Design team, and on the development board for Great Lengths and Hairuwear USA. Danielle does session work for print, runway, marketing campaigns, commercial, weddings and film... and also volunteers her time and talent doing charitable makeovers for cancer victims and their families.

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