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Goldwell Color Zoom 2018: National Winners and Medallists Announced

Congratulations to all the medallists, and the gold winners who will represent South Africa at Goldwell’s Global Zoom Challenge in Toronto! The international judging panel awarded gold medals to Global Creative Colorist winner Donovan Grove from DNA Salon, Bedfordview, and New Talent Colorist winner Mia Crous from Erina’s Hair and Beauty, Cape Town. They will be jetting off to the Global Zoom event in Toronto from 29 September to 2 October, where they will represent South Africa on stage!

The Medallists Announced

Global Creative Colorist

Gold Winner: Donovan Grove - DNA Salon, Bedfordview

Firstly thanks for the awesome opportunity and thanks to Goldwell for this platform. I feel excited and more ready now in my life for international competitive experience than ever. I thank my team, DNA Salon, who stand behind me in every regard. Without that support none of these things are possible. I can also assure you I’ll give it my all on behalf of South Africa in Toronto, thanks for everything and a good day to all, one love!!!

Silver Winner: Jake Yardeni - Jake & Co Hairbar, Johannesburg

Thank you to Goldwell for the opportunity to compete and get close to winning. It' was an amazing experience being back on the competition floor, and well done to Donovan... Until next year!

Bronze Winner: Michelle Liebenberg - @Style, Kuruman

When I made the top 5 last year I already couldn't believe that me, a small town hairstylist, could be a finalist amongst these great stylists. I am stoked and grateful to be the bronze winner this year. I love the excitement of competitions and the opportunity to show my talents. I look forward to the future and what's to come.

Global New Talent Colorist

Gold Winner: Mia Crous - Erina’s Hair & Beauty, Cape Town

When I received the amazing news, I couldn't believe what I heard. This was the second time I entered, and I can actually see how much I grew since the first time. My model and I had so much fun throughout the whole process, and I really liked the theme, Elemental, as I could relate to the nature, futuristic, alien, raw and undone look. I am in another world when I'm on stage and can't wait to experience the vibe and compete with international champs. I am proud and privileged to be chosen to represent Goldwell South Africa in Toronto.

Silver Winner: Anri Smith - Hair by Anri @The Gallery, Krugersdorp

This has been an incredible experience! It has been a game changer and opened up a new path in my career. I am extremely proud of my achievement and would like to thank Goldwell for the opportunity. Looking forward to next year!

Bronze Winner: Yvette de Beer - Scar Hair, Cape Town

This was my very first hair competition entry. I enjoyed the experience and learned so much! The competition was strong and I am thrilled to have placed in the top 3. Congratulations Mia and Anri!

Congratulations to all the medallists, and wishing Donovan and Mia every success, and an incredible experience, at the Goldwell Global Zoom championships!

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