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Theresa Advises: Prepping for Bright Colours

Prepare Your Client’s Hair for this Season’s Bright Colour Trend.

The right lift for colour that pops

From Blonde to Bright.

Blonde is big business for salons: only 2% of the world’s population is naturally blonde, yet more than 50% of our salon business revolves around blonde colour. In recent training on the new trends heading to our chairs this winter, I have been asked about the right amount of lift required for bright, or pastel direct dye to reveal its true shading.

Lightening hair with bleach requires us to understand the natural undertones that are revealed because of melanin being disintegrated. It is imperative that we lighten hair to a very pale yellow and at the same time protect the integrity of the hair.

Colour that is true to tone

Wearing a new fashion colour palette means we need to show off beautiful true blue, never seen green, or ultra-purple. If we have not lightened the hair sufficiently, the colour palette simply reduces the unwanted tone and does not shine true to shade.

Reviewing our knowledge of porosity also makes it easier to explain the durability of the new trendy colour palette. When we consider both the lightening process and porosity, we can create fresh new colour for our new trendy colour palette.

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