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muk Colour: “Play date” Demos Break the Industry – Book Yours ASAP

Dear Salons

We’re so thrilled by the incredible interest you’ve shown in the phenomenal new muk 6-in-1 colour range. We’ve been inundated with interest, enquiries, orders and “playdate” bookings for in-salon demos. We are working night and day to get all the play dates done, because we’re super-keen to see all our fabulous hairstylists revolutionising the way they do colour, and saving money while they explore the possibilities of this unique range.

So – if you booked a play date, please remember you’re a red-hot priority for us and we will get to you as fast as we can... we can’t wait to meet you!

And – if you haven’t yet booked a play date, please get in touch now; we’d love to show you the colour range that’s revolutionising our industry!

We love the loyalty that you’ve shown the Veaudry and, now muk, brands and we cherish the relationships that we’ve built with so many of our wonderful salons. We are super grateful at the amazing influx of muk play date bookings and orders for this new hair colour system.

We love muk and we’re so glad that you do too!

Please contact us if you have any queries, need information, want to book a play date or you’d just like to touch base.

Yours in haircare - Michelle and David

If you would like to find out more about how the muk Colour range can benefit your business, contact 011 465 4370 or email

To book a demo email

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