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Goldwell proudly introduces the incredible new @Pure Pigments

Here’s how this new innovation will supercharge your colour business and creativity!

What are @Pure Pigments?

They are powerful, high-definition direct dye additives that elevate hair colour to new heights of intensity and brilliance, opening up a whole world of possibilities.

Your clients will never see their hair colour the same way again!

Explain the breakthrough technology?

The HD3 Color Technology in @Pure Pigments was developed in collaboration with Fujifilm. It creates long lasting, multi-dimensional, high-definition colour for unique light reflections and incredible shine from all angles, turning normal hair colour into Elumenated Hair Colour.

What is Elumenated Hair Colour?

It’s a whole new service you can offer in your salon! When @Pure Pigments surround Topchic, Colorance and Nectaya’s coverage, it creates an outer layer of brilliance and shine. Like a prism, this creates a moving 3-D effect that changes as light hits it.

It offers:

63% more shine than regular hair colour

Boosts intensity by up to 3 times

2 times more resistance to fading

What colours are available in @Pure Pigments?

There are six concentrated tones:

Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, Pure Violet, Pearl Blue and Matte Green

And how can they be used in-salon?

Options include:

Colour Morphing – iridescent effects that change and move with light.

Colour Boosting – vibrant, brilliant intensity for show-stopping looks.

Colour Washing – Beautiful pastel washes, from subtle to intense.

What will this mean for my colour business?

Well, apart from the awesomeness of unsurpassed creativity.... this revolutionary new service will add to your income while increasing client loyalty and referrals.

You can customise it for every client, and it’s available only in Goldwell salons – so your clients will come back to you again and again for the breathtaking effects.

@Pure Pigments... Imagine colour. Now multiply it!

To stock @Pure Pigments in your salon contact Goldwell on 011 312 5070.

Love Pure Pigments effects? Like Goldwell’s Facebook page HERE.

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