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Spoilt Salon: Hair as Art Show

In May 2018, Spoilt salon owner Shoneez Warrington hosted an original show at Youngblood Art Gallery on Bree Street. Here, Spoilt Hair & Nails showed off its creative flair with a celebration of hair as art. “The inspiration for our show was the love of art and hair,” Shoneez explains. “We were inspired to see if we could combine the two into an exhibition, which is what we achieved. This show was all ours and all creations were done by our team, from outfits to hair, and from the original idea, right through to the final execution.”

Although the main aim was to show off the salon’s creative side, the event was also a wonderful teambuilder that brought Spoilt staff closer in creative collaboration, while wowing all the guests.

The Spoilt team are already dreaming up ideas for their next show!

Spoilt Hair & Nails, Green Point

021 434 7112

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