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EOHCB Western Cape Results

By Limya Kamaldien (EOHCB Western Cape Divisional Manager)

The EOHCB Western Cape Competition was held on Sunday 6 May 2018 at Mowbray Town Hall in Cape Town. The sections catered for entry level hairdressing students and learners, all the way through to advanced qualified hairdressers. The event received an overwhelming amount of competitors and spectators and the excitement and enthusiasm on the day was magical.

The theme for the 2018 competition was #Stylistof2moro which stemmed from the development of the youth in the industry combined with the experience and guidance of industry leaders. Students and learners from the Carlton Hair Academy, Partners Hair Academy, Northlink College and the College of Cape Town came to showcase their talents.

Senior ladies consumer blowave 2

The division would also like to acknowledge Westcliff School of Skill and Batavia School of Skills who had learners attend who are currently completing high school and may potentially enter into the Hairdressing field once leaving school as these two schools are skills school that offer Hairdressing as part of the schooling curriculum.

School of Skill pincurl and fingerwave 9

Congratulations to the 2018 #Stylistoftomoro winner Farazaanah Abrahams and the senior overall winner Mia Crous. On behalf of the EOHCB and Western Cape Divisional Executive Committee, Congratulations to all the competitors, employers, and training providers who encourage and mentor the competitors, to develop quality hairdressers in the industry.

The EOHCB thanks all those who assisted with the event and a huge thanks and appreciation to the sponsors including:

• Davines

• Dear Beard

• Carlton Hair

• Wahl South Africa

• The Blue Beards Revenge

• Easi Pro Hair Extensions

• Sexy Hair

• Modern Hair & Beauty / Wella

• Eve and Steve

The Results

Junior, 1st Year Students/Apprentice: Ladies Consumer Fashion Day Style (Blow Dry)

1st – Leticia Smith

2nd – Julie O Neill

3rd – Harriet Abraams

Senior: Ladies Consumer Fashion Day Style (Blow Dry)

1st – Aubrey Louw

2nd – Lucretia Philander

3rd – Norma-Lee Lotz

Junior: Gents Cut, Colour & Style

1st – Farzaanah Abrahams

2nd – Keenan Daniels

3rd – Kaylah Coleman

Senior: Gents Cut, Colour & Style

1st – Roscoe Cupido

2nd – Mia Crous

3rd – Gareth Johnson

Junior: Ladies Cut, Colour & Style

1st – Kaylah Coleman

2nd – Robert Kressig

3rd – Abigail Bezuidenhout Meiring

Senior: Ladies Cut, Colour & Style

1st – Mia Crous

2nd – Aubrey Louw

3rd – Yassen Galant

Foundation Hairdressing: The School of Skills

1st – Caulin Johannes

2nd – Veronique Abrahams

3rd – Xena Napier

Open: Creative Braiding

1st – Aubrey Louw

2nd – Lucretia Philander

3rd – Lucretia Philander

Open: Ladies Front Cover Look (Long Hair Down)

1st – Farzaanah Abrahams

2nd – Shawn Nicholas

3rd – Anecia Van Wyk

Open: Gents High Foundation – Total Look

1st – Lucretia Philander

2nd – Norma-Lee Lotz

3rd – Aubrey Louw

Open: Bridal

1st – Tanicia Miller

2nd – Farzaanah Abrahams

3rd – Mia Crous

Open: Avant Garde

1st – Aubrey Louw

2nd – Farzaanah Abrahams

3rd – Mia Crous

Junior Overall Winner: Farzaanah Abrahams

Senior Overall Winner: Mia Crous

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