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Eco Friendly Disposable Towels: Save Money, Go Green, Better Hygiene

Every salon is looking for ways to save on costs, as well as to become more eco-friendly, while saving on water, electricity and time. Salons in Cape Town have been affected by the water crisis which could affect other areas in the future. And, of course, hygiene is a major factor for salons.

These are all reasons why you should be using Eco Friendly Towels in your salon.

Made out of all natural fibres including viscose and wood pulp, these disposable towels are fully biodegradable and very absorbent, with a gorgeous, soft feel.

And how much do they save? The owner of a large South African salon chain who is using these towels did the sums as follows:

Traditional Cotton Towels

White towel @R207 for a pack of 5 towels = R41,40 per towel

Black towel @R243 for a pack of 5 towels = R48,60 per towel

Replacement costs: Towels usually have to be replaced twice a year.

Laundering costs: Based on water and electricity usage, average is between R7-8 per wash per towel.

Eco Friendly Towels

Eco Friendly Towels cost R5,50 per towel, excluding VAT.

They are packed in sealed packs of 50 units and cost R316,25 per pack, including VAT.

FREE DELIVERY on all orders over 400 units.

Size: 80 cm x 40 cm. High quality, white in colour.

The sealed packs are convenient and save on storage space as well as saving time spent doing laundry.

Ideal for use at wash basins and as protection over cotton towels during chemical treatments, Eco Friendly Towels can also be used on beauty treatment beds and nail stations as protective overlays, and cut smaller for use in facials. Bigger sizes are available on request.

Switch to Eco Friendly Towels today and enjoy massive savings in your salon!

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