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Pasquale Autumn-Winter 2018 Shoot: Part 2

Two more styles from the fabulous Pasquale Autumn-Winter shoot. A sharp lob from Janine Gough and a disconnected, soft-textured pastel look from Yvonne Bryson. Enjoy the gorgeous work, and the descriptions of the techniques used.

Hairstylist: Janine Gough

Photographer: Werner Prinsloo

Makeup Artist: Irene Koukouzellis

The Look: Sharp Lob (Long Angled Bob) with tight graduation in the nape area. Strong Red-Violet fashion colour with a dark charcoal colour melt on the root area.

Hairstylist: Yvonne Bryson

Makeup Artist: Irene Koukouzellis

Photographer: Werner Prinsloo

The Look: Solid straight line with a longer disconnected soft textured front styled sleek piece, with a wave on the disconnected area. Multiple pastel matt tones were applied onto a soft pre lightened Ombré.

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