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Careers in Hair is an exciting new venture started out by Hairnews

Aimed at the public – school leavers, teachers, parents and career advisors, Careers in Hair aims to market hairdressing as a career, to attract suitable, high calibre candidates into this profession. By doing this we will uplift the industry, raise the standard of hairdressing, address the shortage of hairdressers, and make more people aware that this is an amazing career choice with great job satisfaction and many options!

At the moment the site is in the final stages of development. We will launch it to the public and on social media in early June and would welcome any input or ideas from Hairnews readers – please get in touch and help us perfect it!

Over the next week we will be adding more colleges, profiling more hairdressers, and including industry news so that consumers can see what a vibrant, exciting world they will be joining!

We would love your input and feedback on Careers in Hair. Please contact us with your comments and suggestions on 082 891 8537 or

If you would like to receive updates from Careers in Hair, sign up on the site and we’ll email them periodically!

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