• Theresa Gouws

Theresa Advises: Blonde Is Considered A Way of Life and Not Simply A Hair Colour

“3 out of 5 clients see hair colour as an essential part of who they are.”

50 % of salon clients ask for blonde. They are cautious about the health of their hair, which is why blonde clients will always spend more money on treatments to keep their hair looking and feeling beautiful.

Blonde clients are more loyal to their hairdressers particularly when they find one that not only, creates the perfect blonde, but also maintains the integrity of their hair.

Bleaching is the most commonly used technique to create blondes. But it is also – especially when used with a complacent attitude - the colour that produces the most stress on a client’s hair.

Ensure that in your consultation you speak about the benefit of keeping the integrity of the client’s hair.

Be the stylist that clients want to visit for their blonde hair because you take every precaution to protect their hair during the colouring process.

Beautiful blonde hair that holds its colour can be every client’s dream.

Wella Professionals has launched a product to salons that will help your clients say yes to colour without fear of damage.

Look out for the official product announcement - coming soon!

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