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Benefits of Using Ladine Products

Your curly haired clients will love Ladine – and here’s what a leading Ladine stockist salon, Enzi Hair Studio, has to say to clients about the range:

"If you’re looking for products that will make your hair look and feel amazing, Ladine is one product line that gives you wonderful results. Known mainly for its relaxers, Ladine’s hair range is formulated to care for each variety of hair types and styles. Here’s four reasons why you should give Ladine products a try.

1. Ladine products are infused with the best oils for any given treatment. You’ll love the moisture and shine created by those lovely oils that penetrate each strand of your hair.

2. Relaxers tend to strip your hair of the essential proteins that keep your hair healthy and strong. Breakage is very common when using relaxers. Ladine relaxers are formulated to inject protein into your hair, maintaining your hair’s natural strength and preventing it from breakage.

3. Is an irritated scalp your biggest fear whenever you’re due for a relaxer? Ladine products are ideal for this because they are safe to use, since it rinses out of your hair quickly and gets to work without any scalp irritation.

4. Ladine products pay attention to the root of your hair, so you know your entire hair shaft is taken care of. Sometimes we like to give special care to the ends of our hair, but when your hair is strengthened and moisturized at the root, the result is volume, movement and minimized breakage.

Whatever your hair care needs are, Ladine products are a reliable and affordable way to ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful."

Enzi Hair Studio

45-49 Swaartgout Street, Winchester Hills, Johannesburg - 011 680 0223.​


About Ladine

Ladine offers professional products specifically formulated for very curly hair.

In South Africa, Ladine is the first professional range of relaxing and straightening products for all types of curly hair and the first brand to perfect the Lithium Hydroxide Relaxer, the gentlest and most effective no-lye relaxer system available.

This repairs pre-existing damage, conditions throughout the entire process, provides maximum scalp comfort, guarantees less chance of damage, and delivers maximum shine.

Ladine’s extensive range includes specialised products for:

Rebuilding and protection before chemical treatments

Strengthening and rebuilding treatments after chemical services

Dread maintenance

Hair regrowth and receding hairlines

Children’s hair manageability

Contact Ladine today if you’d like to offer your curly haired clients a professional solution that meets all their needs!

Tel: +27 (0)11 617 2400

Email: ladine@henkel.com

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