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Peachy Pink Pastel Formula from Bernadine Malan, DNA Salon, Bedfordview

We adore this beautifully crafted colour – playful, fashion-forward, and head-turning. Fabulous work – and Bernadine agreed to share her secret formula!

Here it is.

Prelighten the whole head to 9-10 level.. Then silverise using Goldwell Colorance Pastel Rose for 10min. Dry off and prepare Elumen on roots... 30ml SB@10 + 15ml PK@all+ 5ml RR@all+5ml VV@all, melted into end colour Colorance 40ml lotion +10ml 8SB@PK+ 10ml Pastel Rose

DNA Salon, Bedford Centre, Bedfordview 011 616 8805

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