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Dean Karageorgiades, co-owner of All Hair Solutions, talks about quality products, good business advice, and a passion for education.

When Dean Karageorgiades and Gavin Picker started out in the South African hairdressing industry 25 years ago, they were passionate about working for the betterment of the industry. This has been their primary focus ever since.

“Our passion has always been for salons and hairdressers. We’ve been involved with a number of brands over the years and today these include Pivot Point education, and Keune professional products. We have always looked for products that are good quality, innovative, and unique. And we have always had a very strong focus on education. When you stop learning, you stop living.”

All Hair Solutions offers salons education on product usage, technical skill, and also financial education, helping hairdressers understand how to run their businesses, and make them successful. Gavin is an expert who can advise salons on how best to manage their money. Owners who have taken this advice have gone on to be very successful.

“We have never tried to lock up people’s money in stock or be uncooperative in any way. We’ve played our cards openly and that is where our difference is,” Dean says. “We run our business in a modern way and take into account how the world is changing. We have always looked for innovative brands that push the envelope. Success is all about staying current, education never stops.”

To find out more about how All Hair Solutions’ brands and expertise can benefit your business, contact 011 791 3644 or 082 787 8105.

To listen to Dean speak about his company’s philosophy, play the video below:

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