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Let Your Twisted Side Emerge

Bad Girls Need Good Curls

Introducing new Twisted Range from Sebastian Professional

New to South Africa, Sebastian Twisted provides curls with the bounce, flexibility, and softness clients have longed for. The range was inspired by the depths of the ocean; by the flexibility and movement of seaweed. The inspiration was taken into the lab and from it emerged the Sebastian Twisted range; infused with Flexi Alg ™ Complex – the red seaweed extract that gives these underwater plants the elasticity to resist the forces of nature.

The Twisted Inspiration

Sebastian Global Art Director, Shay Dempsey notes, “The deeper we went, the closer we got to this life at the bottom of the ocean, and the more fascinating it proved to be. It gave us so many ideas for the shapes we could create with the hair, how we could work with wet and dry hair, and how we could bring this elastic flexibility to life. You’ll see how, when we work with the new tools and the Flexi Alg™ Complex, these beautiful, fluid and organic shapes come bursting to life.”

The Twisted Trend

After years of pin-straight hair, natural texture has returned. For months, social media has been buzzing about #curlpower and women have been furiously posting about embracing their natural hair and creating beautiful curls, coils and waves.

Sebastian Twisted seamlessly coincides with women’s desire to have curls that they can flaunt- and stylist desire to create shape and texture. It allows clients and stylists to explore the possibilities that lie in embracing bolder styles.

The Twisted Line

The Sebastian Twisted range is a source of elasticity for curls and looks after both care and styling: the care forming the foundation for curls that are hydrated, smooth, and can be easily styled. The styling range extends the style and defines the look.

The Sebastian Twisted range includes:

The care range

Elastic Cleanser

Elastic Detangler

Elastic Treatment

The styling range

Curl Magnifier

Lifter Foam

Reviver Spray

For more information contact Modern Hair and Beauty 0860 104 109

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