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Stephen Moody Q&A on Trends

Jassy Mackenzie from Hairnews caught up with the iconic Stephen Moody, Wella Professional Global Academy Dean, while he was giving a Triple Craft workshop in South Africa.

Jassy: What’s your advice on predicting upcoming trends?

Stephen: There’s a saying in ice hockey “Don’t skate to where the puck is... skate to where it’s going to be!” We hairstylists need to do this in hairdressing, and identify where trends are heading.

Jassy: What’s your opinion on trends over the past decade?

Stephen: Over the past 10 years, hairdressing has been very boring, very “vanilla” – long hair, centre partings. We as hairdressers have done a poor job of driving clients to salons – the global economic crisis in 2008 was a contributing factor to these trends, and so is Hollywood, where actresses have such a short career window that they can’t sport an edgy look. Hollywood is not our friend!

Jassy: And how can hairdressers change this?

Stephen: We have allowed hair to become a non-priority. But fashion is a turning wheel, and the young teenagers of today are wanting to be different from their mothers and older sisters. So the cycle will go the other way, and will turn away from long, boring hair. So we must skate to where the puck is going to be!

Jassy: What are your key pointers?

Stephen: Texture! Straight hair can’t last. And no more monochrome colour. We have to educate clients on the new trends we want to see. They think huge root growth is trendy because we don’t tell them different! It’s our job to tell them, and to look the part ourselves, and to put people back in the chairs.

Jassy: Is this what your Triple Craft seminars are all about?

Stephen: Yes. All about texture, movement, and 3-D hair, driven by a suggestive consultation. No client has ever said they are tired of their hairdresser suggesting new things! So find new, trendy and exciting suggestions. Give your clients changes!

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