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Kevin Murphy Color.Me Technology

Why is Kevin.Murphy’s awesome Color.Me range so effective? The answer lies in the formulation’s incredible 3-step technology.

  1. Molecular Couple Guarantee means an exact counting method is used to guarantee that all colouring molecules form secure bonds. This reduces skin irritations and/or allergic reactions.

  2. Oxidation Delay Function helps delay the oxidation process when the Cream.Activator is added, allowing an even and precise application and colour coverage.

  3. Special Micro Pigments means that extremely small colour pigments are deposited, which penetrate deep into the hair shaft for shinier, healthier looking hair.

And, best of all, our Color.Me range has been given the PETA stamp of approval! Guaranteed totally cruelty-free.

Isn’t it time you made better choices?

For more information contact

073 235 3453 | 021 876 2285


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