• Theresa Gouws

Theresa Advises: Choosing the Right Hair Colour for Your Client

Hair Colour Tips to perfectly match your client’s appearance

Stylists often ask Wella Educators, “How do I choose a perfect hair colour for my client?”

Our answer is always the same: use the process of consultation and determine what family of tones her eyes and skin are in.

To find the perfect colour match we advise differentiating between the four main skin tones:

  • Light cool

  • Light Warm

  • Medium to dark cool

  • Medium to dark warm

Both the colour and the tone of the skin are essential factors to consider when choosing the right colour. For the perfect results, we also use the Wella colour comparison charts.

Once you are confident of the tone/colour category your client falls into, you can use a complimentary, or analogous tones to colour her hair.

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