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Asian Blonde Trend

Blonde is trending... and not only in the Caucasian market. A recent article in the New York Times looks at the new phenomenon of Asian women going blonde. New York salons catering to Asian clientele are reporting that 20 to 50 percent of their clients are asking to be blonde. While the blonde trend definitely seems to stem from a desire to fit in with American society’s beauty ideals, there are two other factors that have made it easier.

The first is today’s fashions, with the ombre trend making blonde more accessible for darker clients and inspiring many to take the first step towards a new hair colour.

The second is the new technology in Olaplex (mentioned in the article) and other bond protectors and repairers, which make blonde possible for darker bases without damage and breakage.

Bloggers are leading the trends, and with more and more Asian American bloggers and social media stars choosing to go blonde, their followers are doing the same. However, for darker bases, it isn’t an easy journey – bleaching can take up to 12 hours and the initial colour change, together with the upkeep, is very expensive. However, this is one area where you most definitely need a specialist salon to help you on your journey, as taking the leap from dark to blonde is not something that can be successfully done at home.

So are South African clients and salons going to follow this trend, and can you help your clients on a fabulous journey to blonde?

Click HERE to read the full article.

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