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L’Oréal Colour Trophy: Advice for First Time Entrants

Excited to enter the L’Oréal Colour Trophy this year? Here are some tips for success from leading international competitors and judges.

Your style must stand out because it is fashion-inspired, beautiful and eye-catching.

Don’t ignore the finish. Competitors often put so much into their model and colour, but forget about the finish. Make sure it looks clean, beautiful and shiny, that it “sells” your colour, and the hair is not overworked.

Clothes, styling and make-up can have a big effect on the total look. They must complement the hair and suit your model.

Your style and total look must be inspired by the catwalks.

Above tips from Dylan Bradshaw from Dylan Bradshaw Hair, Ireland. Photo of salon's work below.

The trend influence is ultra-important, and every year judges look for this. Hair and fashion must work together and tick all the boxes.

Having a great connection and communication with your model is essential. This relationship is really important.

Above tips from Andy Heasman from Rush, UK. Photo of salon's work below.

Details are essential. The judges are going to see your work up close, so the hair has to look great under scrutiny.

Above tips from Sophia Hilton, from Not Another Salon, UK. Photo of salon's work below.

Keep your model looking beautiful. Skin tone, perfect harmony of cut and colour are all important so don’t sacrifice these for the sake of creativity.

Above tips from Skyler McDonald from Sean Hanna, UK. Photo of salon's stage show below.

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