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American Crew All Star Challenge: Winner and Finalists

The American Crew All Star Challenge saw talented hairstylists and barbers from all over South Africa pitting their skills against each other, with the title going to Viggo von Scheliha from We Married Hair. Enjoy the incredible work of the finalists and winner, pictured below.

About the All Star

The aim: To create the look that best represents the American Crew man.

The prize: R10,000 cash for the winner with the chance to compete internationally, and awesome PR for all the finalists whose blade skills, styling finesse and artistic eyes won through.

“The standard was phenomenal,” says Eddie van Rensburg, distributor of American Crew South Africa. “Every year, today’s achievement becomes tomorrow’s standard, and our talented hairstylists raise the bar ever higher. Congratulations to all those who took part, especially our finalists, and Viggo von Scheliha, the winner, who clinched the victory this year for the third time.”

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Finalists' Gallery

Below we feature the winning look, and the contestants who made it to the top 3, top 6 and top 12. Enjoy!

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