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Salome de Wet on Hairdressing

Superstar competitive stylist Salome de Wet was recently profiled for Careers in Hair, and we are including some content from her mini interview here, to inspire Hairnews readers.

“I fell in love with hairdressing before I knew what it really had in store. I grew up in a salon,” she says. She studied through La Louve Private Hair Academy in Pretoria – one year full time and about 2 years of practical hours before she did her Trade Test and got her diploma.

What do you love about hairdressing?

It’s a craft you can never really master. I love the constant challenge and that every day is different. I love when a client texts you a day after the appointment just about how incredible I made her feel. I love to make other people feel good about themselves, and show them how beautiful they can be. I feel we get back just as much from this as we give to our clients. From a selfish point of view, I love those moments where everything goes silent and it’s just me and the hair. When I lose myself and my thoughts, and just do fantastic hair – it’s weirdly therapeutic!

What’s the biggest challenge?

You can never have an “off” day or be less than your best. When a client books 2 months in advance to see you, she deserves you in your best possible state, giving the best hair advice, and making her feel fabulous. You always have to bring your A-game.

Perks of the job?

I have travelled to some of the most famous cities in the world, and represented South Africa on an international competition floor. I’ve had the chance to bring education back into our country, share the knowledge, and present my own hair collections on stage. Getting to work with other creatives in fashion design, photography and make-up artistry merges your skills and allows you to create even more incredible art.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Hard working, fast paced, exciting – there’s a perfect balance between yin and yang.

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