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Goldwell’s Color Zoom Challenge 2018 – Inspiration for the Elemental Look

Here are some guidelines to inspire you with what Goldwell’s Elemental theme is all about, so you can create your Elemental-inspired style for the 2018 competition!

Elemental is inspired by technology – a visionary energy that resurrects the primal. It is about rawness and refinement, solidity and translucency, and tone-on-tone colour play with contrasts. Modern, minimalistic shapes give a rough, primal edge while airy, handcrafted effects showcase the future.

Colours: A translucent feel with an interplay of colour layering and filtering. Muted pastels and rich earthy tones overlap. A weathered effect allows for a muted shimmer that showcases matte tones with a luminous surface. Moving beyond the metallic, pure mineral tones create harmonious shades.

Shapes: Soft and jagged edges create a primal foundation – combining sophistication with the elemental. Shapes can appear handcrafted and subtly asymmetric, with unexpected irregularities.

Texture: It’s all about a balance between raw and refined, with an airy feel to the styling allowing for a future-forward look.

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For more info on the Color Zoom Challenge 2018 contact Goldwell on 011 312 5070.

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