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Hairnews Home Disaster Fixes Episode 1 with Maxwell Haus

From Black Box Colour Disaster to Gorgeous Multidimensional Brunette

What do you do when a client has been colouring her hair black, at home, every month for more than 10 years?

Marcel Juan from Maxwell Haus, Centurion, was our chosen salon to help this Centurion client, Michelle, fix her hair, which was a nightmare – dry, and so saturated with black colour that it took two sessions to lift it out enough for the brunette to be achieved.

Respecting the condition of the hair was vitally important, because she wanted to keep all her length.

Here’s the video of Marcel, explaining what was done and how Michelle was given her amazing transformation. A big thank you to Marcel from Maxwell Haus for doing this amazing makeover, and to Wella for sponsoring all the products used, as well as a fabulous homecare range for Michelle to maintain her gorgeous new hair colour.

Maxwell Haus, Centurion. Tel 084 885 7533.

Technical Summary

• Color Reduction (Wella Prof Color Renew 1:9)

Removal of black box color build up

• Mild Cleanser (Wella Prof Blondor Powder , 1.9% 1:3)

Removal of color

• Full color (Wella Prof Koleston 33/0 + 55/0 20vol 1:1)

Blending color for a overall color blend

• Half head babylights (Wella Prof Blondor Powder 20vol 1:2)

Adding fine babylights for a overall color blend

• Toner (Wella Prof Koleston 5/77 20vol 1:1)

Adds rich brown dimension

Keep a lookout for more Hairnews Home Disaster Fixes – helping clients realise why salons can make such a difference!

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