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Colour Predictions Part 3: Think Ink

Harriet Franks, head colourist from Blue Tit, Peckham, UK, has analysed catwalk trends to predict what colours will be the biggest hits going into spring 2018. Here’s her third prediction – Think Ink! (Click HERE to read about Gritty Pink and HERE to read about Bronze Age.)

This season, luminous colour is giving way to a far moodier vibe. Instead of highlighters, think fountain pens – deep, inky hues of petrol blue, ink and forest green. The Fendi models wore these colours for the Spring-Summer 2018 show, with this dark colour applied just to the front section, creating what beauty editors have labelled “petrol bangs”. Once again, having darker colours so fashionable in spring-summer shows is unusual but it is welcome and inspiring. Blue Tit’s latest colouring technique, Prisma, uses haphazard colour placement for a vivid, deconstructed end result – ideal for a daring client (see photo below). For clients who are nervous about trying this shade, use extensions so that they can fall in love, without commitment!

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