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The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect. So, it’s fitting that as stylists we consider that what defines us is the beauty we create.

The greatest influence on our creative process and success lies in our colour technique. True colour craftsmanship is the ability to have perfect concentration at the time of creation – i.e. the mindful and deliberate decision for quality.

The best advice I can give to colourists is: keep re-inventing what you do and make salon visits memorable for every client.

More importantly, let’s stop being prisoners of maintenance.

I challenge you to learn how to evolve the ombre/balayage, how to create bespoke colours, and finally, to know with absolute certainty, that blonde is not a colour it’s a way of life.

Wella has been educating stylists for decades which is why we should be your chosen partner to take your colour craft to the next level.

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