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2018 Fashion Week Trends: Gritty Pink How-To

Harriet Franks, head colourist at Blue Tit, Peckham, UK, has predicted three key colour trends based on the spring-summer Fashion Week hairstyles. Here’s the Gritty Pink how-to.

Gritty Pink

Pink takes on a grittier hue and grungier vibe than the more girly pink of last season. Think murky violets, rather than sweet pastels.

How To: For the Wang show, a unique layering technique was used.

1. Hair was bleached to create a neutral foundation.

2. Hair was then dyed grey, the key to creating the dirtier tone of pink.

3. Hair was then layered with a rose coloured tint.

4. Finally, finish with a mauve pink colour.

Best worn with a textured, effortless cut and plenty of attitude!

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