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Divine Sales Water Drive

Bringing water to Cape Town, and giving extra to salons in need...!

With Cape Town in the grip of this terrible drought, everyone in South Africa is starting to get involved. We here at Divine HQ in Johannesburg, have decided to do our bit, and send deliveries of water down!

All Cape Town salons purchasing products from Divine, will receive a complimentary 2-litre bucket of water with a lid, which you can use on a client’s hair, or just to make tea!

If any Gauteng salons would like to contribute water to this initiative, you are very welcome – you can either drop your water off at Divine Sales, Unit 1, Honeydew Business Park, or our driver can collect when we are in your area. We deliver to all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria, and as far afield as Secunda, Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp, so give us a call and we can arrange!

Divine Sales: 011 794 4467

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Website: divinesales.co.za

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