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Upselling in the Busy Season

Priya Pillay, owner of Radiant Hair, Chatsworth, advises how hairdressers can make the most of the busy season by remembering to upsell:

“The season takes over... everyone has extra money and is in a spending mindset. It is easy to upsell when clients have been paid and are in a festive mood. Don’t just take it for granted that they only want what they have booked. Add a few highlights to the colour service or suggest a treatment as an add-on."

Do you want to take a look at Radiant Hair’s stunning interior? Here’s our salon decor tour.

Priya's Hero Product:

My client demographic needs affordable products, firstly so they can have all their services done in-salon, and secondly so that they can maintain at home – it’s not about walking out looking amazing, but also purchasing products to maintain the look. Also, Matrix is so education-oriented. Hairdressing is a give and take industry, and learning and sharing is so important.

We recently launched Bond Ultim8 – this is a phenomenal treatment for clients wanting to go lighter. Especially with a lot of my clients being a darker hair base, this allows us to push more while maintaining the integrity of the hair, with an amazing, glossy finish. Clients are loving it – it’s taken off like hot cakes!

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