• Theresa Gouws

Theresa Advises – Clients’ Colour Needs

Theresa Gouws, Wella educator and industry personality, gives essential colour tips.

As a hairdresser, you know that the second your client sits in the salon chair, your expertise becomes the catalyst to a look that identifies who she truly is.

Your chair is the world’s most iconic beauty spot; the one where you will guide each client to her dream colour.

Clients have different colour needs, and these needs change throughout their lives. A hairdresser must always have new ideas, be creative and offer new things. You must advise your clients, even if you cannot act on the advice right away.

Statistics show that clients return to colourists who give them the colour that truly suits their personality - and, they are prepared to spend money to maintain their personalised, unique colour.

Your salon, therefore, becomes your clients’ haven for colour consultations, care, and future recommendations.

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