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Save Money On Every Bottle and Keep your Backwash Looking Neat!

We all know the struggle to get the last few treatments or shampoos out of the bottle. Product is money, and so is wasted time.

Flip-It! is neat, convenient, and it can save you up to 50 ml of extra product per bottle. No more wasted time, untidy backwash, bottles falling over, or excess product being thrown away... think of the cost of a keratin treatment, and what it could mean to get an extra treatment in every bottle!

The Flip-It! tripod stand keeps bottles neat and steady and allows them to drain completely, so that no excess product is wasted.

Flip-It! is affordable, durable and reusable, and will fit almost every size of bottle. Order yours today!

Contact 074 958 0000 or kucharzik1@gmail.com

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