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HSOTY Winner: Lewis Thomas Q&A

Twincare Hairstylist of the Year winner Lewis Thomas, owner of the Partners Hair Design salon group, chats to Hairnews about winning HSOTY, competition work, and inspiring a salon team and clientele.

What inspires you to enter competitions?

It’s a hobby and a passion. We all enjoy it and the people around me would be disappointed if I didn’t do it... especially the team who works with me on my shows. Debbie and Nicky are hairdressers and Igor is a fashion photographer.

Why did you enter the HSOTY this year?

There are more reasons to enter than to not enter! It allows the creative juices to get going and it’s something that I use in my business life. We are an entrepreneurially driven business and you need creative outlets to keep yourself young at heart with fresh new ideas, and to listen to the people around you.

What is the importance of having a great portfolio?

Your portfolio is a show-off book. You must use all of your ability to show yourself in the best light.

Does doing competition work benefit salon staff and if so, why?

As a leader of a hairdressing salon, it’s very important to be able to hold hands with brands out there that have the strength to engage in these competitions, where finances are not the touchpoint.

Does doing competition work benefit a salon business and if so, why?

Yes, it does. More hairdressers should do it. It’s nothing to be fearful of. Your energies rub off onto the staff, clients get to hear of it, and are aware that you have hairdressing close to your heart.

It’s great to win, but what happens when you don’t win?

Try again! Participation is more important than winning.

How did you and your team celebrate your HSOTY victory?

We went back stage and took all of our hairstyles apart, made sure our models were happy when they left, gave each other a hug and a kiss, and went to bed, I brushed my teeth after I woke up in the morning, and we carried on!

Have you had any feedback from the industry?

Yes, I’ve had messages, Whatsapps, and calls. I am not 25 any more, or even 52, and a lot of people got in touch to say they really enjoyed the fact that I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a go.

Any final thank-yous?

I would like to thank Stav and all of his wonderful, caring, attentive staff and all of his brands, for giving Twincare the support that is needed in this trade at present.

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