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How-To: Shiny Silver Bob by Constanze Nunes, Snippets Hair & Nails

Glimmering, gorgeous and oh, so trendy – here’s how to create this must-have fashion look while ensuring hair is superbly cared for.

• I decolourized hair with 20 volume and Olaplex mid lengths and ends for 20 min.

• We added the roots with 20 volume and processed it for a further 20 minutes.

• Rinsed and washed the hair.

• We then applied a Redken 2 phase treatment for 5 min.

• We then toned the hair with Matrix 8V and 10A plus 10 volume peroxide for 10 min watching the hair closely at the basin and working the product through the hair.

• Rinsed it after we achieved a pale white look.

• Dried the hair and now applied:

• 20 g of Clear with 5 grams of Violet remix plus 2 drops of Blue remix from Redken plus 10 volume.

• Applied to roots and blurred with a blur brush. Processed for 20 min.

• Rinsed and followed by Redken Blond Idol mask.

• Styled with Redken Pillow Proof and Aeorate.

• Hair was set on large Velcro curlers. Voila ....

Snippets: 22 Dreyer Street, Claremont. 021 683 5878



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