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Ladine Professional: Creative Styles

Does your client want to flaunt her natural hair or sport a sleek, relaxed look? Two inspirational, creative styles from Ladine offer a step by step guide to beautiful hair, no matter which texture she prefers!

Nubian Queen

• Start off with a thorough hair analysis and consultation

• Cleanse the hair with Natural Therapy 4 in 1 Shampoo (includes Argon Oil). • Cleanse the hair a second time if necessary. This will detangle, moisturize and condition the hair, leaving it naturally beautiful.

• Follow this up with an application of Ladine’s Hair Softener. Curly hair is naturally hard. Hair Softener is the ultimate leave-in conditioner, leaving hair super soft, manageable and full of shine.

• Blow dry the hair.

• Apply extensions and weave into natural hair, if extra length and volume is desired (optional)

• Use a small application of Mould Dreads, massage into the palm of your hands and evenly distribute product onto the sides of your clients head to flatten this area of hair. Section the sides into three parts, leaving the top natural and full of volume. Re-apply Mould Dreads over the sides where the parting has been placed to further flatten and shape the sides.

• Pin the natural voluminous hair at the top of the head into three or more buns in a mohawk fashion.

• Add a small amount of Silicone Serum and gently apply onto the surface of the buns for extra shine.

Royal Wave

• Start off with a thorough hair analysis and consultation

• Commence with a relaxer service using Ladine Relaxertec for the recommended period per manufacturer’s standards, using the strength suitable for your client (Young & Gentle, Regular or Super). And rinse.

• Apply 8 pumps of OSCO Shape & Style Foam into your clients’ hair, depending on the length of hair of course. Shape & Style offers a flexible styling – quick-drying non-sticky formula with UV filter and heat protection for styling with hot tools – ideal for this up style.

• Using the two-comb brushing technique, up style the hair to be as voluminous and upright as possible, in the shape of a crown essentially. Whilst combing up, shape the front of your clients’ hair with a wave – feel free to add more Shape & Style Foam to better define the shape if needed.

• Put your client’s hair under the hood dryer to set hair shape until satisfied.

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