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Upcoming: HSOTY Portfolio Peeks

The finalists for the Twincare Hairstylist of the Year have been announced – and we can’t wait for the evening of 5 November when they will be showcasing their talent on stage at the finals! But we all know what it’s like... on such a busy evening there is often no opportunity to view the portfolios that have contributed to each contestant’s marks. Hairnews is bringing you an exclusive. From tomorrow we will be offering peeks into the portfolios of all finalists, so that you can view them at leisure online and decide who you would put first! The timetable will be as follows:

Wednesday: Apprentice of the Year finalists

Portfolios of Macha Eksteen, Claudio de Cunha, Lauren Sarah Speight, Roselle du Plessis, Tarryn Duiker, Juan Holland

Thursday: The Boyz

Portfolios of Leon Erasmus, Andre Groenewald, Shawn Odendaal, Eric Way and Shaun Warren

Friday: Avant Garde and Team finalists

Portfolios of Eric van Brandis, Pretty Zuma, Eugene Venter, and teams The Vanilla Pod, VNH Hairdressing, Partners Hair Design and Paul James Hairdressing

Saturday: HSOTY

Portfolios of Gail Catterick, Lewis Thomas and Charles Junior Louw

For more info follow Twincare HERE

HSOTY Finals tickets are now available at R300 per ticket - they are selling fast!

To book your ticket contact 011 305 1600.

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