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The Big Reveal Is Here...

Twincare International launches brand new revolutionary Brazilian Keratin.

Brazilian straighteners have become a major part of the services offered by the hairdressing industry. Due to the related health issues we have chosen not to launch any straightener that will put our client’s health at risk. We have however been looking for a straightener that will give the same or better results without the dangers.

With our new Brazilian Keratin straightener not only do we have the safety we have been looking for but significantly more benefits.

We are talking radically different technology.

Features and benefits:

  • NO Formaldehyde

  • Eliminates frizz

  • Reduces volume

  • Lasts on average 3 – 6 months (depending on the aftercare & homecare routine)

  • 100% safe to use on pregnant woman

  • Provides 100% straighten

  • There are significantly less fumes and no smell

  • Leaves the hair with fantastic shine and condition

  • You can perform all services at the same time: Coloring, Bleaching, and Perming

  • The service takes 1 hour

  • Can be used on all hair types

  • Hair may be washed immediately afterwards

  • Tribological action making process faster

  • No clarify shampoo needed

  • No neutralizer needed

  • 1 Product / Process

  • ONLY Demi permanent colour can be done straight after Brazilian treatment

  • ONLY Highlights can be done straight after Brazilian treatment

  • Full colouring of the hair – 72 hour waiting period is needed

  • Does not make blond hair yellow

Brazilian Keratin 1L bottle R2950

011 305 1600



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