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Ursula Brett: Social Media for Salons

Today’s Tip: Using available Apps on your phone, it's possible to keep your Instagram page fresh by creating a collage of images, adding text to images, uploading a series of images in one post, reposting images from pages you follow, and more.

About Ursula: Ursula Brett has been in the professional hair and beauty industry for almost 30 years, marketing top brands including Redken, Paul Mitchell, Matis, and OPI. With a passion for the professional industry as well as all-things-digital, Ursula is able to share her knowledge on marketing, websites, social media and how to optimise these for your salon. She's available to run your Facebook or Instagram or create your Website or to teach salon owners, managers and staff how to do this for yourselves.

For more information email ursulabrett@gmail.com or message 076 856 4227.

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