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Trevor Sorbie Artist John Spanton's Award Winning Image

How do you create an amazingly iconic and award-winning photo? Sometimes, it’s all to do with rebellion!

John Spanton from the Trevor Sorbie art team was recently named international winner in the Behind the Chair Oneshot Hair Awards. The image is from his Study in Black and White collection, which rebelled against all the bright, colourful looks in the industry right now. “As a colourist, I wanted to work on wefts added into the hair and I only wanted to paint freehand, no taping or masking of the hair, so I could keep realism within the work.”

John will join Trevor Sorbie on stage at Salon International where the team will launch a whole new collection.

See the whole collection below!

Credits: Colour: John Spanton @ Trevor Sorbie.

Hair Styling: Tom Connell @ Trevor Sorbie.

Styling: Clare Frith.

Make-up: Karen Lockyer.

Photography: Chris Bulezuik for Team:Talent & HairClubLive.com

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