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New Indola PCC - The Power of Possibilities

The world’s smartest colour system has arrived!

New Indola PCC gives you the power to expand your creative and business horizons.

How does it work?

It’s a breakthrough, two part colour system with advanced technology delivering flawless shades.

What is Demi Transformer technology?

It allows every permanent shade to convert to a demi! This gives you unlimited versatility and creative choices, and stock management is easier because you can get more colour options from fewer shades.

What about grey coverage?

100% more vibrancy and up to 100% grey coverage.

Is it easy to use?

It’s been designed for ease of use, with the same numbering system, straightforward mixing ratio, and brilliant, consistent performance!

What about the blondes?

New Bond Expert technology has been integrated into the whole of the Blond Expert range, resulting in up to 90% less damage. With consistently stunning results, your blonde business will soar!

For more information contact maxime.vandiest@henkel.com, visit www.indola.com, or call 011 617 2400.

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