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Lesley Jennison Colour Tips

Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf’s global ambassador for colour, and creator of the Essential Looks collections, recently visited South Africa for a sold-out series of seminars.

At a press launch, Lesley gave a quick summary of how salons can make the most of current trends – here’s some business-building advice to use in your salon!

• Blondes are going to be extremely popular this summer.

• Salons need to create their own signature looks in colour, using techniques that cannot be copied at home.

• You should personalise a blonde (or any colour) by using techniques like babylights, contouring, strobing, and colour melting.

• Pastels can be incorporated in hidden panels to give every client a fashionable, fun twist that they can conceal or reveal.

• Afro hair: if it is relaxed then use a high lifter only, with care. If it is not relaxed use bleach with a low volume of developer and go slowly and carefully.

• Use toners to help you achieve the desired shade of blonde, rather than over-bleaching.

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