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Nelspruit Blog Day 1

What a beautiful place Nelspruit is! It’s relaxed, gorgeously pretty, and filled with people who love living there - many hair professionals included. People who travel to Nelspruit for business often start enquiring how much houses cost... and whether they can make a permanent move there...!

My first stop was the TPO – the Twincare Professional Outlet in Nelspruit, a destination emporium for all Twincare’s brands of products, furniture and equipment. With the most incredible stock and run by a knowledgeable and passionate team, this was a great way to start the trip. You’ll see more of this store in the next few days when we do a full video report back – stay tuned!

From there, I visited Rene at her lovely salon Hair Tech in Streak Street. Rene made a decision some years ago not to open on a Saturday! Impossible for a salon? Actually, no – very possible, and she says her decision has resulted in a better life for herself and her team. We’ll be doing an interview article with Rene in a future Hairnews.

From there, it was time to visit a new, destination salon that has opened in Nelspruit thanks to client demand – the Gary Rom franchise. What an incredible salon in the most stunning location. Want to know what it looks like? Well, we’ll be showing you a video tour in the next few weeks.

And from there, it was time to go somewhere else different, surprising and beautiful – Cizelle Hair Studio. It’s a salon located in a school, and Cizelle agreed to chat to Hairnews and explain how, and why, she ended up in this location – and what it’s like to run a salon from school premises!

Tune in tomorrow to find out where we went on day two in Nelspruit – it really felt like far too short a time spent in such a stunning location.

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